How much does it cost to register?
Nothing! It’s free. We work on a Commission. If your property is booked we take between 5-15% of the agreed total. Our full Terms and Conditions are available on our website.

How will you market my property as a shoot location?
If we consider your property suitable for inclusion in our database, we will upload the details into our database. Once we have a reasonable number of locations filed, we will develop the Hub, access to which we will make available to production companies looking to use the Island as a location. If your property fits a client’s brief, we will email them a link a location page that will have been created specifically to profile your property.

What sort of photographs do I need to take of my location house?
Remember, you are trying to show your property at its best! Photographs should be taken with a good phone or digital camera. Make sure your property is tidy and that photos are taken on a bright day with curtains open. If you have unique features at the property, send us picture of those as well. Taking photos from all corners of the room is also a good idea. Not that all of the photos you send will be added to the site. But will be held on file for more details.

Please make sure we have photos of the outside of the front, back and sides, if possible also looking away from the property, to show what’s around your property. Inside – As you enter the property, then start from taking from room to room. Taking photos from all corners of the room is a good idea (and so on…)

What happens if someone is interested in using my property?
We will contact you and tell you what the shoot is, when it would be, how many people would be involved, what rooms/areas they would want to use and what their budget is. You can then accept or decline the job or set your conditions and agree a “recce” date. A recce, though a positive sign, is no guarantee that your property will be chosen.

What is a recce?
This is were a location manger from the production company will look around your property to make sure it will be suitable and that it looks like what they have picked from the properties profile.

Do I get paid for a recce?
No, we arrange for the production company to view your property, and only if it matches their requirements and they want to book your property, will a fee will be charged for the use of your property.

Will people just turn up?
Your privacy and security is paramount. We will only give out your name and address once a recce date has been agreed and only once we have taken reasonable steps to ascertain that it is a genuine production company and have confirmed the details with you.

Who can see my property location contact details?
Only our staff will have access to your contact details. When and if we upload your location to our website, we will give your property a reference number. If a production company shows interest, we will tell them which area of the Island it is in, so that they can decide if that suits their filming schedule. If they wish to do a recce or make a confirmed booking, we will have to give them the full address and your name and telephone number, but only after we have checked the position with you.

How likely is it that my property will be used?
We have no idea! Clients usually come to us with a very specific location brief. For example, they might ask us for a house with a tower and a swimming pool or they may ask us for a bedsit with large kitchen area. However, once we have decided to take on your property as a potential location, we will make sure that it is visible to all of our clients.

What is expected of me on the day of filming or photo shoot?
Besides someone being on hand to open up and show a member of the production crew around, the property being clean and tidy with basic refreshments and utilities, there is often not much else required. Some owners are happy to open up and then leave the production company to it; others prefer to remain at the property throughout. It will be up to you, although whatever your preferred approach, it should be made clear at the time of agreeing terms.

Will I have to vacate my property?
Usually, you wouldn’t have to move out of your home or property. However, the larger the filming project is, the more likely it is that you will be asked to leave during filming. However, this can be discussed and negotiated before confirming your agreement to filming.

What happens after the client has agreed to use my property as a location?
We will contact you to let you know and to get your final go-ahead. We collect their public liability insurance details and check that it is all in order and draw up a contract for signature. This agreement includes the shoot dates and times, the number of people involved, the areas of your property they are allowed to use and the fee. Once signed, should the production company cancel the job, they are liable for the full location fee.

What happens if there are damages to my property during filming?
We will make sure that the production company has full insurance. If you wish, we can ask for a damage deposit. This is where the client will issue a separate cheque (usually for up to £500) prior to the shoot. If at the end of the day, there has been no damage, the cheque is returned to the client. If, however, there has been damage you keep the cheque. If the cheque more than covers the damage, you return the remaining monies to the client; if more money is required to pay for the damage, we will endeavor to get the additional money from the production company for you.

Do I inform my property insurance company?
We would recommend that you inform your Insurance Company ONCE your property has been short listed or booked as a location. Some Insurance companies may impose conditions on such use. But if this involves additional costs, it may be possible to get these covered by the production company.

How much money can I expect to make?
The fees vary from job to job. Factors that influence budget include: the size of the production company; the type of shoot (whether it is stills or filming and whether it is editorial, advertorial, TV or film); the number of people on the shoot; the amount of disruption expected; and finally, the type of property you have and where it is.

As a guideline, a couple of hours filming might pay £100-£300. However, a full day’s filming might pay as much as £1000 or more.

When will I be paid for the hire of my location?
This depends on when the client pays us. Normally we would expect 30 days terms. As soon as we receive payment from our client, we will pay you. With some smaller, independent production companies we may ask for payment in advance and then release payment to you when the job has been done.