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Did you know, the Island loses so much work in the Film & TV Industry, as we don’t have enough variety of locations?

We have the amazing landscapes but we also need the Interiors… Productions can then film a whole series here, Like the Drama Brit Box did with the filming this autumn 2020. Instead like many, just here of a week or few days using just the exteriors.

Why not register your property to be used! 

Fees can range from £100 a day to £1000 for an hour all depending upon what is needed and for whom. 

From blockbusters to a pilot, BBC to the independents.

We are looking for homes – semis, detached, flats, bedsits and so on. 

– Shops, offices, churches, garages, sheds, farms, castles, manors, chalets. Anything that might be suitable to film in.

Yes, some might be too small to film inside but they may need your front door and then film the interior somewhere else.

Many films, dramas, commercials are made in the UK but we miss out.

So, lets put the Island on the map by offering the industry the best place to film..

Registration is FREE.

We will charge commission when properties are used, this will help to cover the costs of a suitable website once we have enough properties registered. 

NO information identifying the properties, such as location, who owns it, or any contact details will be published, just photos in various categories. 

The IOW Film Fixers will hold all details on file which will be stored securely in line with GDPR. (A copy of our data protection policy is available on request)

Please sign up to enter your property details. 

If you have more than one, we will need each property to have its own registration form please.

Any Questions please call – 07885 348634

Thank you

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By registering, you confirm you are the owner or have the right to give permission for this property to be marketed for use in Film, Television or Photo shoots.

If your property is chosen or shortlisted to view: We will contact you to arrange for the production company to view the property to see if it is suitable.

If your property is suitable: You will be informed of what they need it for, how long for and how much they are offering to pay.

The fee can depend on the production and time needed for. If you then agree for the property to be used, the production company will provide appropriate insurance and will contact you to cover any damages or unlikely events.

You can also choose to decline the offer if you are unhappy with the agreement.

We ask you to add as much detail you can with lots of photographs of your building showing the outside and the area it stands in, as well as the interior and any main features.

By submitting this form you confirm you have read and agree with our Terms and Conditions.