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About us

Isle of Wight Locations is part of the Isle of Wight Film Fixers working as the ‘one-stop shop’ for the industry.
We know it is a great place for you to come and film with your production.

Our locations are amazingly adaptable giving your production a variety of options, you could be anywhere!

Also besides only being 2 hours from London. All our locations are on one small island, giving you less travelling time and more filming time.

So able to use 3-4 locations in one day if need, like for photoshops.

We also bring together professional services available on the Island, supply us with a ‘what you need list’, and our experienced team can save you time and your budget.

Our Team

We have a collection of professional in their fields, that are able to help with what you need. From local coucil department, buildings, licensing, Island Road, services, local business, travel, accommodation and so on. Our team can make it happen.

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Add your property…

From blockbusters to a pilot, BBC to the independents. We are looking for homes – semis, detached, flats, bedsits and so on. Shops, offices, churches, garages, sheds, farms, castles, manors, chalets. Anything that might be suitable to film in.

Yes, some might be too small to film inside but they may need your front door and then film the interior somewhere else. Many films, dramas, commercials are made in the UK but we miss out.

So, lets put the Island on the map by offering the industry the best place to film… Registration is free!

Need Help?

We're Here To Assist You

Please let us help with your enquires with just a few details to start with.
Want to ask some questions - call 07885 348634 or 01983 404275 or email us -